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Defined Benefit DB Sign Off

How to get Defined Benefit DB Sign Off ?

Why do clients need Defined Benefit DB Sign Off ? How do I get Defined Benefit DB Sign Off on my pension? These are the two questions my clients ask the most on Defined Benefit DB Sign Off. The answer to both is simple. The FCA DB Sign Off is there to protect consumers and […]

Property v Investment

Why is my QROP so Expensive?

Ever wondered why is my QROP so expensive? You won’t be the first or last expat to ask Harrison Brook why is my QROP so expensive? If you want to reduce costs on your existing QROP or want to start a new QROP in the most cost effective way possible, you have come to the […]

Expat Financial Advice – Tax Benefits of Moving Abroad

Expat Financial Advice Moving abroad, what are the tax benefits? It’s pretty grey outside at this time of year in Britain, and what’s more the new tax year is approaching, and with it another round of taxes depleting your coffers. It’s not a terribly appealing combination, but there’s one simple way to kill both birds […]

Harrison Brook Expat Insurance – Get Covered Today

The importance of protecting yourself and your family Living and working outside your home country can provide a number of challenges – not least when the unexpected occurs. If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer a serious injury or illness, damage or loss of property or a family tragedy, it’s important to have the right processes […]

Expat Financial Adviser – Take Control

Expat Financial Adviser – How much advice do you need? According to recent industry surveys, as much as 68% of expats do not have an expat financial adviser. It’s probably not a coincidence, then, that the same surveys find that two thirds of expats are worried that they will not have enough money to retire. […]

Expats Dubai – Top International Workers Destination

Dubai: The Top Expat Destination The United Arab Emirates has topped a LinkedIn study to find the country that attracts the most working expatriates. The face of expat work has changed in recent years, with African nations attracting larger numbers of workers. The UAE, though, in part thanks to its oilfields, burgeoning tourist industry and […]

How Trustworthy is your Financial Adviser ?

How to find a Trustworthy Financial Adviser ? Easier access to pension pots, the challenging housing market and other economic variables are combining to persuade many individuals to opt for an expat life in the sun. Unfortunately overseas financial industry is not always as tightly regulated as the UK or Europe counterpart, meaning many expats […]