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liberty sipp

Do you hold a Liberty SIPP?

Liberty SIPP First of all, if you are a Liberty SIPP holder then you will have been well aware of the negative press they have been receiving. Indeed, while the name Liberty SIPP has become synonymous with mis-selling of SIPP’s between 2011 and 2013 it is claimed that up to 700 investors have suffered significant […]

Investment income taxation France 2018

Investment Income Taxation France 2018

Investment income taxation France 2018 As of January 2018 tax residents of France are no longer required to pay French Wealth Tax on savings and investments.  Additionally, there is a new tax rate on investment income benefits.  Below I have identified the main changes for those expatriates resident in France. Income Tax No new changes […]


Capita Defined Benefit Pension

Do you hold a Capita Defined Benefit Pension? Are you living abroad and due your retirement benefits? Capita are currently issuing all policyholders with their most up-to-date value. Many expats are misunderstanding this letter. Why the Concern? Expats who hold a Defined Benefit policy with Capita will have been issued a letter to state the […]


Pensioners risk draining their savings

Retirees are at risk of running out of money in retirement. Research from Zurich UK has found that a third have no investment experience and two in five are not getting any financial advice. Moreover, around half a million people are taking advantage of the pension freedoms to draw down their retirement savings, but a […]

purchasing property in the UAE

Purchasing property in the UAE

The UAE has become a popular place for foreign investors and expats. In recent year’s changes to the law have opened up the UAE property market to foreigners. As such, purchasing property in the UAE is now relatively straightforward, provided that you have the finance. Requirements The UEA government has a 6-month visa for property […]

Guardian Wealth Management

Guardian Wealth Management Qatar GWMQ

Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFC) has fined Guardian Wealth Management Qatar an amount of USD1 million plus costs for regulatory breaches. In a statement, the QFC said that fines were imposed on the firm’s Qatar operation for “contraventions to anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism,” with additional penalties for “general regulatory contraventions.” According to […]


Tamil Nadu Electricity Board – TNEB Pension

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board TNEB, is a power generation and distribution company owned by Government of Tamil Nadu. It was created as a regulated monopoly under section 131 of the Electricity Act (2003) as a successor of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. It is the largest State Electricity Board in the country in terms of […]


Mortgages for expats in the Middle East

While there are many different routes to building up a decent sized fortune, one of the oldest , and still a firm favourite for many people, is  investing in property. Lots of people prefer this approach as property is tangible, easily understood, and historically has proven to be a very resilient investment vehicle over time. […]

Deutsche Lufthansa

Deutsche Lufthansa Pension

Europe has some of the worst-funded pension schemes in the world and among them are several airlines and aerospace companies. In a recent study that looked at over 9,000 global companies, Deutsche Lufthansa ranked in the top 20 of companies with the biggest deficits when compared to sales, according to MSCI. Increased costs, low interest […]