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expats spain

Financial Advice International Expats Spain

Expats Spain – Do you live or plan to move to Spain? Looking for European regulated international portable financial advice? Are you an Expatriate or International, living in Spain? If you are specifically looking for professional expats Spain financial advice/planning, we are here to help. We are experienced and familiar with assisting expats Spain, living and […]

annuities for expats

Annuities for expats – What you need to know

Don’t get talked into buying an annuity. With the right information and research, you should decide whether an annuity is the best choice for you. So what is an annuity? Simply put, an annuity is a product sold mostly by insurance companies. In exchange for a lump sum, they will provide you with a guaranteed […]

Canadian QROPS

No Canadian QROPS – you can still transfer UK Pensions

Did you know that HMRC has cut all Canadian QROPS? In February 2017 Her Majestys Revenue and Customs (HMRC) decided to cut all Canadian QROPS / ROPS (Qualified/ Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes) from the ROPS list. The reasons being that Canadian retirement plans allow for the holder to use their pension as collateral when buying a […]

Investment advisor in Japan

Investment Advisor in Japan – Know what they can offer

Being an expat in the beautiful and exciting country of Japan presents both opportunities and challenges. On one side, you have the modern and buzzing vibe of cities like Tokyo.  On the other side, you have more historical and traditional countryside places like Takayama. Navigating through a move whether for family or work reasons can […]

financial consultant romania

Finding a Financial consultant in Romania

Are you an expat retiree in Romania or are you thinking of moving for work? You might not know this but Romania has started welcoming a broad and diverse expat community for various reasons. Having the right support in place is crucial for a smooth transition. An international financial adviser or a financial consultant in […]

Investment advisor UAE

Looking for an Investment advisor UAE

Do you live in the UAE and are you looking for an investment advisor? If so, there are a number of factors you should consider. Hundreds of thousands of expats move to the UAE every year with the lure of tax-free income, high wages and endless sun. As there are no official pension schemes with […]

financial adviser in Italy

Finding an investment adviser in Italy

Moving to Italy might have become one of the top choices for expats, especially for high net worth individuals. This seems to be the case since the introduction of the Flat Tax System in 2017. An investment adviser who is dealing with expats in Italy can advise you on the financial impact your move to […]

Financial Advice for Expats in Africa

Financial Advice for Expats in Africa

Ah Africa! With 15% of the world’s population, it is the most valuable region in the world in terms of under and above ground resources. It has 8% of the world’s natural gas reserves; 45 countries on the continent have oil reserves. It also harbours 57% of the world’s cobalt, 49% of its manganese, 47% […]

UK Pension transfer to Ireland

UK pension transfer to Ireland – What to consider

As we wait and see how Brexit will unfold, there is a lot of uncertainty and worry at the moment of what will happen next. Any expats who have left the UK and returned to Ireland wonder if they should look into a UK pension transfer to Ireland. Your unique position as an expat If […]

Closed book bonds

‘Closed Book’ Insurance & Investment Bonds

‘Closed Book’ bonds, what are they? Quite simply, they are Insurance & Investment policies that are now closed to new business and are no longer sold. However, they still remain on the books of the life insurance provider as premium-paying policies. Closed book business has become a major issue in the insurance industry. Indeed, contracts […]