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expat tax in spain

Expat Tax in Spain

With Spain being one of the top destinations for expats, have you considered the tax implications that are required and, how sufficient wealth advice can help? Under the current rules, you are liable for tax in Spain on worldwide assets if you are here for 183 days or more. This still applies even if you […]

retire in Norway

Retire in Norway- The Expat Guide.

You’re coming up to retirement, or perhaps you’ve already been enjoying it for some years, but what now? What do you do when suddenly your life becomes free time? When you can start living the work free life you’ve dreamed off? You retire in Norway! The InterNations Expat Insider report of 2016 saw Norway excelling […]

British expats in Thailand

British Expats in Thailand – The Expat Guide.

Expats in Thailand You’ve spent your working life building and growing your pension pot. All those hours worked to support your family and your future should not be threatened by the insecurity of the British economy in these changing times. But what can you do? It’s time to fulfil your dreams of retiring abroad… and […]

getting an italian visa, moving to italy

Moving to Italy for work? What you need to know

Italy is a beautiful place, so why not move there? If you’ve had an enjoyable holiday in Italy, you might be considering moving to Italy start a new life there. Although this is an exciting prospect, the immigration process to Italy is quite complicated. To ensure that all goes smoothly for you it’s recommended that […]


Moving to Brunei with your family?

Moving abroad with your family? How about Moving to Brunei… Most people have heard of Brunei however very few could place it on a map. Yet there are currently around 160,000 expats residing in Brunei, making up 40% of the total population. Is moving to Brunei a good idea? For those that visit, they would find […]

australia partner visa

Partner Visa – your ticket to Australian residency

Your ticket to Australia may involve a partner visa… Australia is one of the most popular countries chosen by would-be migrants thanks to its climate, lifestyle, and career opportunities. One way of gaining Aussie citizenship is through a partner visa. Read on for a quick overview of what’s required. What defines a ‘partner’? For someone […]

carte de sejour

Renewing your Carte De Sejour in France ?

Renewing your Carte De Sejour in France? As an expat in France who hasn’t quite mastered the beautiful language of love, even the simplest of tasks can become eventful. With Brexit looming, for the large number of expats who have become resident in France, the tide is changing. From 2019 it is likely that if […]

move to portugal

Financial Advice for expats in Portugal

Moving abroad? Consider Portugal. So, other than a high quality health system, easy accessibility to the rest of the world and 3300 hours of sunshine a year! What other reason do expats in Portugal have for the move? How about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Tax Resident scheme (NHR)? What is NHR? The NHR is a Portuguese tax regime […]