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Capita Oak

Pension Sharing Order for a QROPS

Pension Sharing Order for a QROPS Pension sharing order for QROPS is becoming increasingly common. Although at first, they can seem complicated to sort out, there is a simple process that can be followed to facilitate the court requirements. To start with let’s break down the overall position and terminology used. QROPS – What exactly is it? […]

Nortel pension

Do you hold a Nortel pension?

Do you hold a Nortel pension? If you are part of the Nortel pension scheme then it is likely you have recently received a letter from Nortel UK Pensions. The message from the Nortel Pension Trustees informs you about your defined benefits pension and the options available. Nortel Networks Background Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection […]

Generali Vision

The Generali Vision Scandal – How Unhappy are you?

The Generali Vision… Your Offshore Pension Plan. Your Offshore ISA. The key to your education planning. Thousands and thousands of these policies have been sold to expats in the last decade or so, and if managed correctly (we cannot emphasise strongly enough how important the help of quality financial advice is in this regard) they can […]

Expat Investment Platforms

Expat Investment Platforms – is now the right time?

Expat Investment Platforms Expat investment platforms and deciding whether to use one is never an easy decision. There are so many factors to consider, it is hard for any expat investor to know where to start. Firstly, what do expat investment platforms actually bring to the table? Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your financial needs and […]

Qatar for Expats

Qatar for UK expats | Moving to Qatar

Qatar for Expats Qatar still a mecca for UK expats looking to work and retire. With an ever-increasing number each year of UK expats, the population continues to grow. Around 25,000 UK expats live in Qatar as of the statistics 2017. Residency in Qatar for Expats Qatar has a population of 2.7 million, including some […]

British Airways Pension Scheme

British Airways Pension | Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

How will the new British Airways Pension proposal affect you…. Are you retired offshore and have a British Airways Pension, maybe you are now considering retiring offshore. What does the new proposal represent for existing members? With the new British Airways pension proposal, they are planning to stop paying into the existing defined benefit scheme […]

getting an italian visa, moving to italy

Moving to Italy for work? What you need to know

Italy is a beautiful place, so why not move there? If you’ve had an enjoyable holiday in Italy, you might be considering moving to Italy start a new life there. Although this is an exciting prospect, the immigration process to Italy is quite complicated. To ensure that all goes smoothly for you it’s recommended that […]

expat teachers

Retirement Plans for Expat Teachers

Retirement planning for expat teachers Retirement planning for expat teachers has always been something of a minefield. Whilst the joys of travelling the world teaching to a multicultural diverse group of young people can be great, there are many difficult factors to navigate. An expatriate will have to consider currency, country jurisdictions, ability to withdraw […]