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expat inheritance tax

Expat Inheritance Tax

As an expatriate have you considered the Inheritance tax liabilities from your estate that will be left to the beneficiaries? Do you need to look at ways to reduce this and have effective control over the tax liabilities? Many expats now living abroad, still find themselves as UK domicile on the event of death. What […]

move to portugal

Financial Advice for expats in Portugal

Moving abroad? Consider Portugal. So, other than a high quality health system, easy accessibility to the rest of the world and 3300 hours of sunshine a year! What other reason do expats in Portugal have for the move? How about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Tax Resident scheme (NHR)? What is NHR? The NHR is a Portuguese tax regime […]

Guernsey QNUPS

Investing into UK Property from your pension (Guernsey QNUPS)

What is a Guernsey QNUPS? In simple terms a QNUPS (Qualifying Non UK Pension Scheme) is a qualifying non UK pension scheme that is UK tax recognised. They are established primarily to secure additional pension income for a individual upon retirement. The UK Property Marketplace After a fairly tumultuous period there is still great interest […]