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Evonik Industries pension

Evonik Industries Pension Scheme?

Do you hold an Evonik Industries Pension? The Evonik Industries pension scheme currently has the 6th largest pension deficit throughout the world.  According to MSCI’s research, which examined the pension funding status of 5,300 companies. Evonik Industries has a 32.5% gap between its pension obligations and the resources set aside to fund them. If you […]

NT (Nil Tax) code

How to apply for your NT (Nil Tax) code?

 Applying for an NT (Nil Tax) code? If you’re a British national living outside of the Uk, looking to drawdown an income or currently drawing down an income from a UK pension scheme, then applying for an NT (Nil Tax) code will be of great importance. An NT code means you won’t pay tax on the […]

Expat Investment Platforms

Expat Investment Platforms – is now the right time?

Expat Investment Platforms Expat investment platforms and deciding whether to use one is never an easy decision. There are so many factors to consider, it is hard for any expat investor to know where to start. Firstly, what do expat investment platforms actually bring to the table? Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your financial needs and […]

Friends provident international reserve bond

Friends Provident International Reserve Bond

Do you hold a Friends Provident International Reserve Bond? The FPI reserve Bond rightfully has one of the worst reputations around. Incredibly expensive, it was sold for years by financial advisers who were being paid out huge commissions in the process. As a result, the cost of the charges far outweigh the supposed tax benefits. Especially […]

Moving to Italy

Moving to Italy – The Expat Guide

With the UK facing Brexit and it’s economic consequences now is the perfect time to think about moving abroad. You’ve spent your life working up to a position in which you can live comfortably. Why should that be sacrificed due to England’s economy? Moving to Italy to work or to retire could be exactly what […]

Hornbuckle Mitchell SIPP

Do you hold a Hornbuckle Mitchell SIPP?

Hornbuckle Mitchell SIPP First of all, if you are a Hornbuckle Mitchell SIPP holder then you will have been well aware of the negative press they have been receiving. Indeed, while the name Hornbuckle Mitchell has become synonymous with overcharging and poor customer services, it comes as no surprise that the company has rebranded under the […]

Retirement Financial Advice

Retirement Financial Advice?

Retirement Financial Advice First of all when people hear the words “retirement financial advice” they immediately think of pensions, wealth management and personal finance advisers. As well as whether or not they have enough money to enjoy life once retired. Money is an important factor upon retiring, however, it is not the only aspect to […]

stakeholder pension

Can I transfer my stakeholder pension?

Can I transfer my Stakeholder Pension? Can I transfer my Stakeholder pension is a question we are getting asked more and more. With pensions being at the height of current affairs, everything from a QROPS to a SIPP being discussed, it is important to define exactly what a Stakeholder pension is. Stakeholder pensions are a […]

expat pilot life insurance

Expat Pilot Life Insurance

Expat Pilot Life Insurance Expat pilots and international pilots of any kind seem to get a raw deal when it comes to life insurance. Statistically, you are far safer in air travel than driving in a car.  More importantly, when looking at other “high risk” professions such oil rig workers, farming and forestry, truck drivers and […]

expat teachers

Retirement Plans for Expat Teachers

Retirement planning for expat teachers Retirement planning for expat teachers has always been something of a minefield. Whilst the joys of travelling the world teaching to a multicultural diverse group of young people can be great, there are many difficult factors to navigate. An expatriate will have to consider currency, country jurisdictions, ability to withdraw […]