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Expat Financial Advice Algeria – Six Things to Know

Expat Financial Advice Algeria

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Algeria offers some exciting and rewarding career opportunities.  Finding good expat financial advice Algeria is difficult though. Appointments are complicated in Algeria and accessing European qualified advisers familiar with the needs of international Expats is hard.

Algeria requires a change in lifestyle and your finances must also adapt. Harrison Brook understand C21st Expats. Our experience in Algeria allows us to provide transportable financial planning that expats can access and continue to use globally.

So what services do Harrison Brook offer?

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✔  Portable Retirement Planning

Expats in Algeria follow a transient lifestyle which prevents stable financial planning. As such, despite large salaries retirement and pension planning suffers. Offshore Retirement Plans offer the perfect solution to expats who wish to invest for their future.

This geographically portable option removes the complexities of retirement plans in different countries as there no restrictions on which country you can contribute from. The plan also grows in a tax-efficient investment area no matter where you may move or retire.

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✔  UK Pension Transfers

Ever worked in the UK? Did you know you can transfer and consolidate your UK pensions into one manageable investment? Your pension is probably your second largest asset, but do you know what it is invested in? What it’s performance is? What charges you pay?

A UK pension Transfer can grant you a superior retirement income and Harrison Brook specialise in providing expert QROPS advice allowing our clients to simplify their existing pensions and gain access, control and quarterly analysis of these hard-earned investments. See UK Pension Transfer – QROPS or give us  call.

✔  University & Tuition Fee Funding

Global competition for University places if fierce and so tuition fees are rising exponentially. By putting in place an effective and tax efficient International Education Savings Plan you can ensure your children are able pursue the career they desire and lead a fulfilling life.

Our Education Plans offer total freedom on your country of contribution and where you may wish to en-cash the funds for education expenses. Most importantly, they remains in one tax-efficient investment area growing tax free no matter where your career takes you.

Take the first step today and empower your children to shape their own destiny.


✔  Offshore Current Accounts Algeria

An Offshore Account is simply one located outside the depositor’s country of origin. No Ferrari needed. In-fact they are the most cost-effective way for Algerian Expats to manage their global payments and eradicate the bureaucracies of living abroad.

  • Convenience – Same bank no matter where you move
  • Easy global access – Choice of multi-currency accounts
  • Geographical freedom – Online and telephone banking 24/7
  • Peace of mind – Discuss finances in English
  • Protection – Counteract dangers of corruption and unstable regions (African regions)

To learn more about our range of Offshore Accounts available book an Expat Financial Advice Algeria appointment.  

✔  Compare Global Expat International Insurances

International Expat Life Insurance protects those you care about. Nothing could replace you, but money provided at the right time will ensure your family will be financially secure without you. Harrison Brook is committed to providing Expats with the best value Life Insurance.

Discover more about the market leading protection products and services.

✔  Investment Advice Algeria

The laws regarding investment advice in Algeria differ significantly from the levels of protection offered to clients in Europe. As such not only are levels of advice likely to be poor but the client also has little power or protection against the effects of this bad in advice in the future.

Frustrated with low interest and inflation eroding your hard-earned savings? We have a range of portable investment solutions including fund platforms, flexible lump sum vehicles and portfolio bonds. Our portfolio management is tailored to every client, from investment term to your attitude to risk.

Get in touch today for expat financial advice Algeria and review how you can improve your financial strategy.  

Why Expats choose Harrison Brook for Expat Financial Advice Algeria?

  • Specialists in dealing with Expats in Algeria
  • Solutions tailored for transient Expats who move around
  • Direct telephone lines – That means no queuing or stupid automated system
  • Access to products and services from the worlds leading banking institutions and fund houses
  • Transparent independent service with no product provider bias
  • UK Qualified Advisors – Minimum RDR Level 4
  • European Regulation – Regulated to the highest levels globally
  • No restrictions on client location in Algeria
  • On going service with portfolio advice provided quarterly

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