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The reality of moving to Brunei with your family

Moving abroad with your family? How about Brunei… Most people have heard of Brunei however very few could place it on a map. Yet there are currently around 160,000 expats residing in Brunei, making up 40% of the total population. For those that do make the journey, they would find the following; A tiny jungle covered […]

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Things to consider when moving to a different country

Changing country can be daunting, here’s how to prepare There are many reasons why people decide to try living and working abroad. The greater availability of work in specialised fields, a better climate, an improved lifestyle or just the challenge of change. However, it’s easy to get swept away in dreams of a wonderful life […]

Online Investment Platform from Novia Global

Staying ahead of the game is paramount… Here at Harrison Brook, we strive for advancement, efficiency and transparency. Our track record tells us that this is the best method for achieving top results for our clients. With this, we employ various innovative technologies such as the Novia Global investment platform. Novia Global is an international […]

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Oman – Healthcare, Jobs, Lifestyle, Homes and Schools.

What you need to know about moving to Oman… For many Oman is not the first place that springs to mind when thinking about moving abroad. But with a strong, and growing, infrastructure, job opportunities, cheap (and luxury) accommodation and good health care and schools, Oman could be the perfect destination for you and your […]