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UK Pension Transfer to Australia

UK Pension Transfer to Australia – Consider your options

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for British expats and it’s easy to see why. A fantastic climate, the English language, a stable economy and good healthcare all contribute to the reason why many Brits make the long journey. Once settled one of the key areas that people need to address is their pension and […]

UK Pension transfer to Ireland

UK pension transfer to Ireland – What to consider

As we wait and see how Brexit will unfold, there is a lot of uncertainty and worry at the moment of what will happen next. Any expats who have left the UK and returned to Ireland wonder if they should look into a UK pension transfer to Ireland. Your unique position as an expat If […]

UK Pension Transfer to Switzerland

UK Pension Transfer to Switzerland – Things to consider

There is good news for the UK and Switzerland relationship. The insurance sector post-Brexit will continue to trade freely. The two nations struck a deal at the World Economic Forum in Davos on the 25th of January. This is one of the first positive moves we see from the UK towards a productive relationship with […]