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Retirement Financial Advice ?

Retirement Financial Advice First of all when people hear the words “retirement financial advice” they immediately think of pensions, wealth management and personal finance advisers. As well as whether or not they have enough money to enjoy life once retired. Money is an important factor upon retiring, however, it is not the only aspect to […]

Financial Advisor in Luxembourg

Expat Financial Advisor Luxembourg

Financial Advisor in Luxembourg Just as there are many reasons why expats choose to live and work in Luxembourg, there are many reasons for seeking financial advice. It is also important to understand the various forms of financial advice and what each financial advisor can offer. Understanding Financial Advice The most comprehensive advice, taking into […]

stakeholder pension

Can I transfer my stakeholder pension?

Can I transfer my Stakeholder Pension? Can I transfer my Stakeholder pension is a question we are getting asked more and more. With pensions being at the height of current affairs, everything from a QROPS to a SIPP being discussed, it is important to define exactly what a Stakeholder pension is. Stakeholder pensions are a […]

Blackmore Global Fund. Expat Financial Advice

Blackmore Global Fund, is it part of your pension?

Blackmore Global Fund. What you need to know… Expats fears over their pensions that have been invested into Blackmore Global Fund. Are you one of the many the expats that have had your pensions invested into Blackmore Global Fund? Like most expats who have transferred their pensions due to living offshore, there are many that […]

guernsey QROPS. Financial advice for expats

Is my Guernsey QROPS secure?

Guernsey QROPS Did you transfer to a Guernsey QROPS? Are you aware of the changes to legislation? Read on to find out how you may have been impacted. For many people who transferred their UK pension(s) to a QROPS in Guernsey some years ago, the choice of a stable offshore location at that time was […]