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Closed book bonds

‘Closed Book’ Insurance & Investment Bonds

‘Closed Book’ bonds, what are they? Quite simply, they are Insurance & Investment policies that are now closed to new business and are no longer sold. However, they still remain on the books of the life insurance provider as premium-paying policies. Closed book business has become a major issue in the insurance industry. Indeed, contracts […]

QROPS exit penalties

Want to know more about QROPS exit penalties?

Why do trustees charge QROPS exit penalties? If you hold a UK pension and decide you want to retire abroad, then one option is that of a QROPS. A QROPS (Qualifying Overseas Pension Scheme) is an overseas pension scheme that meets the requirements set by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to transfer and consolidate UK […]

How much is your pension worth?

Pension worth – What is your pension value?

Working for either the same or multiple companies over the years, makes it hard to know your pension worth. Many people lose track or even forget about some of their pensions.  Nevertheless, for a well-planned retirement it’s important to find out the value of all your schemes.  Even if you are unsure whether you had […]

Expat Pension Sharing Order for UK Company Pensions

Expat Pension Sharing Order for UK Company Pensions

Expat Pension Sharing Order for UK Company Pensions Pension sharing order for UK company pensions has become more and more common in recent times. The process itself is not overly complex and there are a number of companies in the UK, who can assist with this. The issue arises when you are no longer a […]

ford uk pension scheme

Do you have a Ford UK Pension?

Do you hold a Ford UK pension? If you are part of the Ford UK Pension scheme then it is likely you have received a newsletter from the Ford UK Pensions trustees informing you of the new choice being offered regarding transferring the benefits. Ford has recently announced that they are going to offer the […]