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Guernsey QNUPS

Investing into UK Property from your pension (Guernsey QNUPS)

What is a Guernsey QNUPS? In simple terms a QNUPS (Qualifying Non UK Pension Scheme) is a qualifying non UK pension scheme that is UK tax recognised. They are established primarily to secure additional pension income for a individual upon retirement. The UK Property Marketplace After a fairly tumultuous period there is still great interest […]

Harrison Brook Paris – HB France opens new office

Harrison Brook France continues its impressive growth in France with Harrison Brook Paris – further serving the expat community with transparent and trusted expat financial advice We’ve recently opened a new office to offer you much-needed financial advice in Paris expanding our South of France team. Harrison Brook Paris aims to expand on our success and […]

global super commuters

Global super commuters vs traditional expats

Are you a global commuter or simply someone with feet in two countries? Changes in the expat work market The traditional image of an expat as someone who has moved to a new country to work or retire is being blurred by a wide range of other overseas movers and business makers. For some people, […]

exchange rate

Expat exchange rate: bigger concern than triple lock pension guarantee

A number of the UK’s expats believe that the exchange rate could have more of an impact on their finances than the uncertainty surrounding the triple lock pension guarantee. State Pensions and Triple Lock concerns Expats living in the European Union currently enjoy annual state pension rises, no different to those they’d receive if they […]

dual citizenship

More British seek dual citizenship

Dual citizenship from other EU countries Some pundits blame a lack of faith in Britain’s future for the steep rise in people applying for dual citizenship from other EU countries. Passport officials in Ireland report that in one month, the number of UK-based applications for citizenship has reached the level they would normally expect over […]