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Many expatriates often ask myself, “what can they do to provide support for future circumstances”. My answer is always the same. It will depend on your current circumstances and future aims, I can then provide wealth management options to suit the individual.


Children, what can I do to support my child’s education whilst we live abroad? With majority of countries now offering both private and main stream education, the main concern is that expatriates will have to provide university fees for their child’s education.

With an ever-growing price in university fee’s, the average fee for this will see expatriates paying 60,000 AED to 100,000 AED in Dubai per year, compared to 18,000 EUR per year in Spain.

At Harrison Brook, I can assist expatriates by setting up a plan that suits their needs and financial situation. With no lock in periods and flexible options I can assist all expatriates on a global scale. Get in touch to discuss further.


I have savings within the UK, what can I do and where can I invest them? As expatriates, we all want to see our hard-earned money in safe place. What can you do with it?

Investment comes with risk and this should always be at the forefront of any investment. After the completion of risk assessments, I can offer the most suitable product available that suits your needs and Risk Factor.

Harrison Brook can offer products that suit all individuals needs and risk. Don’t just leave your hard-earned savings doing nothing, make them work harder for you now and in the future. Take charge and have the Ferrari that you have always dreamed of at retirement.  

Life Goals

Your future goals and how you want your money to work for you, are all dependant on current circumstances, future aims and your risk now. With appropriate wealth management, I can help and assist for now and in the future.  

Following a full financial analysis of your current situation, your needs now and the future, I can offer the most suitable product for you circumstances. From pension assistance, education, Investments and insurance. Get in touch, I will be happy to assist.

Richard Orme

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